What comes to our mind, when we hear ‘jumping castle’? Children’s party, right. Yes, of course jumping castles are absolute favourite gear for a children’s party, but they are also usable by adults too. Bouncy houses or jumping castles, whatever you call them, they are a great source of fun and pleasure for kids and adults alike. And adult jumping castles will provide an endless option to release all your stored energy and let loose for good!

Bounce Away to Glory

We at Jumping Castles 4 Hire offer a wide selection of adult jumping castles or bouncy houses for all types of party and celebratory events. These adult jumping castles are designed and built keeping the occupancy in mind. They come with tight wall lining and a sturdy bouncy floor. The make and the high-standard of our adult jumping castles allow many participants to use the equipment – irrespective of weight and height of the participants. Thus, they are known as adult jumping castles.

Become the Best Party Host

Whether you have a kid’s party, corporate event or a bachelorette party, you can hire from one of our best adult jumping castles. With us at Jumping Castles 4 Hire, you can find affordable, quality-checked, secured, robust and unique designed adult jumping castles for hire in Sydney. Irrespective of your age or physical characteristics, you can use our bouncy castles and experience the thrill of bouncing. Bounce away to glory at your birthday party, school/college reunion, carnivals or even weddings. Add a unique and out-of-the-world element and transform any celebratory event into a super happy one. Organising and arranging for an adult jumping castle at your party or event will surely make you the best host/hostess.

Why Choose Adult Jumping Castles from Jumping Castles 4 Hire Sydney?

Jumping and bouncing in full galore in a jumping castle is truly exciting, but choosing or having a defective bouncy castle can also prove to be dangerous and fatal too. It is crucial to hire a jumping castle from a reputed event management or organiser, who guarantee to provide safety-insured party equipment, including jumping castles. And in the case of adult jumping castles – that have the potential of occupying more than one individual – safety becomes an integral concern. We at Jumping Castles 4 Hire guarantee and ensure to provide you with not only the best but also safest jumping castles and other party equipment. Our products are quality tested and inspected.


We follow a high standard when it comes to quality control – especially concerning our range of adult jumping castles. Our variants are built and developed with high-quality materials, durable and sturdy structure, and value added components. So, participants will not have any room for worry but only a lot of options to enjoy using our adult jumping castles!

With us at Jumping Castles 4 Hire, you can choose from different designs and styles, as well as, built and size of adult jumping castles – from Disney themed retro, nature-themed to interactive and sports event based bouncy castles.